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Fuck this place.

Been sitting on this for a few weeks now, minus the last few bits. Hoped I’d sort my head the fuck out before I had the chance to throw it to the aether but surprise – I’m still as broken as I’ve ever fucking been. And I fucking hate it. There’s no real consecutive chain to all this as it more or less matches my current mind, so sorry for that. But I needed to write it all down.

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Do I have regrets? Of course.

So I had my last day of school yesterday. Sure I still have exams and shit, but that is it for the long term. This collection of students that we have at our school will never be the same – quite a few are leaving the school and going to colleges and not staying at the sixth form. I’m one of them, so I wont be seeing a load of people ever again. Some of those I’ll be glad to see the back of… Others, well, that’s a different story.

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I’m back. (Probably)

No-one asked for my return, but I’ll give it to you anyway.

No keep the hell away!

I am Michael “Duck” Moriarty – eSports fan without one set team to support, helping to create a game based on eSports, AFC Wimbledon fan, founder and chief organiser of #DMSC and many other things.

And also, avid blogger. Once, a long time ago. I wont be encouraging any shake up of this blog, just keep it the way it is…

…and flood it with that eSport manager that I’m working on… WHICH I NEED PEOPLE TO HELP US WITH!
So feel free to look at that, and the rest of this blog… as it shall return!


(Oh, and you can get me on Twitter @dmscduck)

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Alright, a call to help is being sent out from here – right now.

Wictor “Wake” Hasselmark (and a bunch of other people) have approached me to help create the best thing to happen to eSports yet.

We’re hoping to design an eSports management simulator, starting with Starcraft II (or similar style game) and other titles, it should become the greatest simulator yet.

And I want YOU to help us.

If you’re experienced in coding, graphic or visual design, and have a passion to for eSports and want to see it grow, feel free to email me (Clicky) or by contacting me on twitter (@dmscduck)

Because we can’t do it on our own, we need a crew to help us – Help us out!

-Michael “Duck” Moriarty

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Starcraft Manager Wake announces comeback

The former Mousesports Starcraft Manager Wake has announced a return to the Starcraft 2 eSports scene.

Wictor Hasslemark, more commonly known as “Wake”, made headlines when he first became the mousesports SC2 manager in March of 2013, becoming the youngest known paid manager in Starcraft. When he left mouz, he quickly became known as “Sweden’s most successful SC2 manager”.

Not too long ago, he started a new project – A Starcraft 2 manager sim – and I reached out to him to see what would happen to it after he made his return.

He made a simple response – One word.

It appears that his return is due to him seeing the scene go downhill and it losing its credibility – by this tweet it seems that he feels quite strongly about it.

All that we know is that he will return and that he’s signed up with a new team. That team, however, is unknown as of now.


Oh, Hi. Welcome back. I’m an eSports fan, if you hadn’t guessed. So, I’ll probably throw a lot of eSports rubbish into here, if you don’t mind. I do apologise for being missing for a while. This is a place where I write stuff – and should continue to…